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Lithium Battery Transportation Safety

Published   Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lithium Battery Transportation Safety

Lithium Battery Transportation Safety

Instructions for Lithium Battery Transportation Safety

  1. Allowed lithium batteries: lithium batteries of lower than 100 Wh for laptops, mobile phones and cameras among other personal portable electronic devices are allowed as carry-on baggage or spare batteries into the cabin.
  2. Restricted lithium batteries: With the approval from the airline, Passengers can carry electronic devices with lithium batteries of higher than (including) 100Wh but lower than 160Wh. Each passenger can carry up to two spare lithium batteries and the battery cannot be transported as Checked Baggage.
  3. Prohibited lithium batteries: Lithium batteries higher than 160Wh or electronic devices with lithium batteries higher than 160Wh are prohibited from carriage (excluding a wheelchair with lithium batteries).
  4. Protective measures for lithium batteries: Each backup battery must be well protected to prevent short circuits (by placing the battery into the original packaging or in other ways to achieve electrode insulation, such as taping the exposed electrodes, or placing each battery into separate plastic bags or protective cases).
Requirement for Lithium Battery Transportation Safety

Limited rated power or lithium battery capacityBaggage typeLimit on quantityApproverProtective measureNotice the aircraft commander
Personal consumer devices≤100Wh or ≤2gChecked baggage, hand-carried or carry-on batteries----Prevent accidental startup
100Wh-160Wh--Approved by the operator
Backup batteries for personal consumer devices≤100Wh or ≤2gHand-carried or carry-on batteries--Separated protection
100Wh-160WhTwo pieces per passengerApproved by the operator
Portable electronic medical appliances≤160Wh or ≤8gChecked baggage, hand-carried or carry-on batteries--Approved by the operatorPrevent accidental startup
Backup batteries for portable electronic medical appliancesHand-carried or carry-on batteriesTwo pieces per passengerSeparated protection
Electrically powered wheelchairs or walk-aiding toolsUndetachable batteries--Checked baggage--Notice the operator in advance for arrangementBattery cut-off, battery short circuit, and battery damageNotice the aircraft commander
Detachable batteries≤300WhBatteries should be detached and carried in hand
Backup batteries for electrically powered wheelchairs or walk-aiding tools≤160WhHand-carriedTwo pieces per passengerbattery short circuit, and battery damage 
≤300WhOne piece per passenger
※The quantity of batteries required should be reasonably enough for devices used by passengers and crewmen during the flight.
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