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STPC Transit Service


China Eastern Airlines provide free STPC Transit Service at Shanghai, Service include:  

OPTION A: Rest and Relax Services(休闲服务)

eg: 1. Free Dining Voucher at Shanghai Pudong International Airport

       2. Maglev Return Train Ticket Coupon

OPTION B: City Tours in Shanghai (市区游)

OPTION C: Airport Overnight Hotels(机场隔夜中转酒店)


China Eastern Airlines provide free STPC Transit Service at Kunming, Service include: 

OPTION A: Free Dining Voucher at Kunming Shangshui Airport

OPTION B: City Tours in Kunming



Important notes for STPC Transit services: 

* The following booking class are not entitled for STPC services, (such as B/V/T/Z/Q/G booking classes).

 * Any booking class together with the above will also not entitled.

* Passenger can choose one STPC option and only once for the whole trip.

* STPC services must be applied for 7 working days (not including Sat, Sun & PH) prior to flight departure; otherwise the application may not be accepted.

* Passenger may email to us the option you choose, e-ticket, name and travel document details must be provided in correctly, otherwise all responsibilities will be borne by the passenger.

* The confirmation of STPC services itinerary, we will notify passenger by email. Please print out and bring along your itinerary when you travel.

* For any change of itinerary like date change or trip cancellation, passengers should notify us for itinerary date change or cancellation; Otherwise, China Eastern will not accept further application if passenger NO-SHOW. For change or cancellation of ticket, please refer to your E-ticket restrictions.

* Upon flight arrival, airport duty officer will meet you at the exit gate with signage; if fail to meet up, passenger could call China Eastern travel customer service hotline at +86-15901728882 shown on the STPC services itinerary remark column and liaise with our meet-up officer.

* The above offers will be provided to tickets booked from our China Eastern SG website only.

* Terms and conditions apply.

* China Eastern reserves the right of any change of this promotion offer at any time. All rights reserved.


For enquiries, please contact 62223456 or 62260727